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Trying a new horse?  

Trying a new horse?

Girl riding horseImagine:  You find a horse you fall in love with. You want to buy it but first you need to take it home for to see if you’re compatible. You also need to get it vetted to make sure there are no hidden health surprises.

You and/or the horse owner may want it covered by insurance, or you might want to insure it in case the horse is injured, gets sick or dies while in your care. An annual policy doesn’t fit your needs in case you and the horse don’t work out.

Even though you don’t own the horse yet, there is short-term trial life-insurance coverage available that covers the horse you are “borrowing”. Adding the owner as “Additional Insured” protects both you and the owner if a need arises forcing an insurance claim. Many people also decide to add major medical to this mortality coverage. Think of it as placing the insurance on “hold” until you make a decision to keep or return the horse.

Trial coverages have minimum premiums applied. If you decide the horse works out and you purchase it during the trial period, the minimum premium already paid for the short-term coverage is applied to the annual policy. If you purchase the horse and decide you do not want to continue coverage, no additional money is due. Please note: if a claim needs to be filed, you will need to purchase the annual policy.

If you need only a few rides, few days or a few weeks for you to decide to keep or return the horse, you can rest assured the trial coverage can work for you. Call us before you trailer the horse home

* The information provided here is intended to be a brief summary. Please contact Star H Equine Insurance and/or review your policy for more detailed information.

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